Siege (Rainbow Six)/ Mudspike Ground Ops


It’s already 11$ you noob.

Also I should be good to go for siege tonight if I’m allowed to play. Internet up and running (wired!!!).


And Green man Gaming is a legit site. I’ve gotten many games from them without a problem.

Maybe adlabs is holding out for the gotta edition. Gotta get @Prof and @Andrew116 on board.


I wonder if @Prof even owns a console controller? :smiley:


Hey @adlabs6 … you get a Steam key when you use GMG! C’mon brah!


GMG is wicked. Better deals than steam sometimes.

I’m just setting up my desk now. Will be a bit late.


A bit late?! That would take me at least a week. :smiley: Get your Vive set up too.


So if @Rhinosaurus starts posting pics about how good he did in Rocket League … he was actually just totally spastic because he didn’t know the controls so I was letting him hit the ball here and there. :slight_smile:


Good session last night.

On those Realistic mode rounds, we actually survived pretty well. The breathers were all taken down before they were even a threat. Shows we’ve improved a long way since the early days.


Oh were they? :stuck_out_tongue: I remember jumping through the window at the dance club and a breather just rounded the corner and blew me up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, it was interesting. (Although, I stlll prefer hard).


Oh, I didn’t see that happen. In the two missions where I saw them first hand, both fell before they got near the room we were defending. Two before I even got to see them (I only saw the light from their helmet coming down the hall briefly).

But yea, I also prefer hard difficult, too.


Breather = suicidal explosives guy?


yeah. heavily armored guy in a closed system breathing suit. pretty much unkillable except for headshots. has his thumb on a switch to set off explosives when he gets close to people.


In realistic mode, I saw the breather take out Adlabs even though he had a shield. I thought at the time that maybe we are doing this wrong. We normally have the shield guy going first, but if we see a breather coming, maybe the shield guy should step back and out of the way (He only has a pistol) and the left and right flanks move into the gap (They have sub machine guns), I think there would be a much better chance of them taking the breather down before he can blow himself up. Then assume the normal positions again.


You know, that’s a good point Prof. As Montagne, I’ve blocked a fair few breathers with the shield. And the results are actually like throwing dice. Sometimes I get a pretty good whack of damage, other times, only a little damage, and sometimes actually zero damage.

I’ve wondered if maybe there is something to do with network latency, as to how much damage I take? Or if I’m moving vs. standing still?

But a simple approach might be as you suggest… for the shield man to simply pull back and allow the team to shoot the breather. We are very good at this lately. And if the breather doesn’t go down, the shield man can simply stand firm and the team can duck for cover behind him.

Worth a try, I think.


I think in general the shield guy needs to move off at doorways a bit more. Often I find I’m trying not to shoot him rather than shoot the enemy. Or we get stuck in the doorframe unable to move.


Regarding this, tonight when I play using Montagne’s shield, I’m trying a different approach. Instead of extending the shield and standing, for doorways I’ll keep the shield retracted, and kneel. Then I’m protected and others can still see and shoot over me, and kneel behind, too, for cover.

If a breacher is approaching, I’ll extend the shield, and move back for others to fire (or duck behind me) as mentioned before.


Give a shout if you ever need a another.

Love the game, just hate pickup groups with people who run on a fail.


Sorry to miss the entire session tonight. Hopefully I can get some play in tomorrow.


We play Friday and Saturday at 9 est @hardtale drop in whenever.


Come play with us now.


Wish I could have made it.