Siege (Rainbow Six)/ Mudspike Ground Ops


Good session, thanks all!


Come join us tonight, session starts in 5 minutes!


Thanks guys, some excellent play last night. Always fun to pull off a defend mission when it’s seeming like a lost cause.

See you for another session tonight!


Heads up ! I just got a 885 Mb. download for R6. This must be the update they have been talking about. It resets all your control bindings back to the default. This probably affects you Adlabs more than most others, so I hope you get this before it starts the download !


Thanks Prof, looks like I’ll need to set aside some time and rebind everything.


Good thing linebacker doesn’t play anymore. He remaps everything.


Mine is done. Fortunately it’s only the numberkey pad that I use and rebind to, so not many keys.


Ah good. That’s why I gave up remapping and force myself to use the defaults. Seems they do this to all games and not just once. I really don’t know why they do this.


Some really good play last night, when we got tactical.

Looking forward to tonight. Maybe we could try a round or two on Realistic, once we’re warmed up?


Won’t be there tonight. Maybe stick to easy :wink:

Have fun guys.


Yes ! I’d like to try that. It will force us to go slow and methodical, instead of rushing in all directions !


The Grim Skies update to Rainbow six was released this morning. I’m downloading it now, it’s 9.1 Gb.


Thanks for the word, Prof, I’ll grab that tonight.


A nice session tonight. A few rough edges with the fit and finish, after this latest patch. The AI seemed a bit more stout, but we still put up a good fight.

Looking forward to next time!


Yes, the AI have definitely been ratcheted up a notch. Now we have to expect them to be outside as well and moving in behind us.


And the AI are more frequently using grenades.

Looking forward to playing again. Hopefully we’ll get the Hereford map a few times in tonight’s rotation.


Two updates have been released for Rainbow Six. The first for the game is 1.3 Gb. (details below), the second is 30 Mb. and for Uplay only.

Details of Latest Release.

Teamkilling in Rainbow Six Siege will now inflict an instant ban
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege

Teamkilling in Rainbow Six Siege’s Casual mode is about to carry much harsher punishments. The first since the release of Operation Grim Sky expands the punishments already dished out in Ranked play while also bringing the same consequences to Casual.

Up until now, teamkilling twice in a match triggered a kick to the main menu. If you’re playing Ranked, the same would kick would occur, but the player would also be given the 30-minute abandon penalty that any player gets for willfully leaving a Ranked match. Under this new system, teamkilling gives the offender a 30-minute ban that locks them out of all matchmaking, including Casual, Ranked, and Terrorist Hunt.

Subsequent offenses will lock out the teamkiller for one hour, two hours, 24 hours, and then a full week. After reaching out on Twitter, community developer Craig Robinson confirmed to me that there is an eventual timer that resets your teamkilling offenses, but it has been slightly adjusted. We’ve yet to hear back on how long this timer is.

This move is part of Ubisoft’s continued efforts to curb Siege’s toxicity problem. Back in July, Siege began using a in-game chat filter that automatically catches the use of racial and homophobic slurs and immediately bans the offender.

Patch Y3S3.1 released yesterday on all platforms and also comes with a wealth of bug fixes that you can find below.


  • Fixed – [PC][PS4][XB1] A number of crashing issues across all platforms.
  • Fixed – [PC][XB1] Cannot use melee for a short while after using prone.
  • Fixed – Players are able to take the defuser through the walls.
  • Fixed – Throwing C4 on an electrified wall will not destroy the nitro cell on contact.


  • *Fixed — The bullet casings are ejected forwards when firing the AR-15.50 weapon.*Clash

  • Fixed - Clash’s Shield can be deployed while crouched.

  • Fixed - Clash’s CCE shield can clip in the arm and clip in the pistol.

  • Fixed - Clash is able to fire her gun before weapon appears on screen.

  • Fixed - In the loadout menu charms are not equipped in the same place as during a session for Clash’s CCE Shield.

  • Fixed - When a player is killed by the CCE shield, the generic death icon is displayed instead of the taser shield

  • Fixed - [PC][XB1] Clash’s CCE shield is clips through partially broken barricades when rotating.


  • Fixed - If the attackers drop the defuser, Smoke can move it by throwing his gadget on it.

Hereford Base

  • Fixed - Players are able to throw gadgets outside during the prep phase via the floor of 2F Bathroom.

User Experience

  • Fixed - Inconsistency between thumbnail icon and preview for Buck’s Grim Sky BDU.
  • Fixed - Non-purchased items have the ‘set as active’ option.
  • Fixed - Error message present in the pop-up modal when 2SV is active.
  • Fixed - Pressing enter multiple times while the title is loading will cause the title to start a situation with the 2SV pop-up still on the screen.
  • Fixed - All the Six Major Paris Charms appear with a placeholder model.


Thanks, Prof. Interesting.

I’m all patched, ready to go.


I wonder if it distinguishes between single shot kills at low health (ie. probably an accident), and killing someone from full health.

I’m guessing not. Gotta be careful.


Yea. I sometimes see a team member get knicked by a friendly shot, but it’s been a while since we’ve had an actual team kill.

Probably the largest risk is from explosives, things like being too close to a breaching charge, or Fuze who’s through-wall grenades bounce around unpredictably.