Silly screenshots thread

I was browsing recently through my Steam screenshots collection and I thought I would share some of the more crazy/silly/interesting ones. So here we go:

DCS World 1.5 - “Hey, don’t look back”

GTA V - Kifflom

DCS World 1.5 - Who said TF-51 was unarmed?

Flight School - This is where they load the Shuttles on top of N911 (modified 747) to carry them back to Canaveral

Flight School - Buzzing X-1 Gate Guardian at Edwards AFB

Aerofly FS2 - Easter Egg at Area 51

GTA V - no comment …

COD:AW - poor man’s silencer

Crysis - I’m not quite sure F-35 should land in this wing configuration?

Far Cry 4 - Seems like here pigs do fly.

Wolfenstein The New Order - Glitched out corpse + perspective

GTA V - Cool guys don’t look at explosions

Talos Principle - Han Solo easter egg.

GTA San Andreas - putting jets in silly places (yes, I landed there)

Arma 3 Aplha/Beta? - remember the times when you could swim in the air in Arma 3?

Half Life 2 - Just chillin’

Flight Sim World - DTG added new plane - Flying floats!

Combat Air Patrol 2 - Looks like QF-4’s are manned in this sim!

If you feel like sharing your own silly screen grabs please do so below.


Awesome collection!

That pic of the unarmed TF-51 made laugh a bit more than I should’ve… My significant other wanted in on the joke, and I told her it was from ”one of my sims”. I got a really disturbing look, in return. :slight_smile:

I had no idea about easter eggs in Aerofly FS2… Must have a look!

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They are taking disclipinary measures seriously.

“Alright Stevenson, that was your last prank - I’m transferring you to the Quebec Foxtrot squadron. That’ll learn ya.”

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So… If I remember correctly- the ejection procedure on ground states that you have to leave via the wing.
Ok… *sigh *

sarcastic voice

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LOL, yeah my wife also doesn’t get my jokes sometimes. OK, most times.

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