SimHQ and bloke building WW1 aircraft

I recall reading updates many years of a dude that was building replica of WW1 aircraft. Anyone knows outcome of it?

If you’re talking about Dart and his Nieuport, the thread is still there - I believe he’s flying again, or will be soon. He bent it last year in a ground loop accident.

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Could you link it? I haven’t been in that place in a long time…

Here you go

There’s a plain one here as well :wink:



If you have access to he maintained a thread awkwardly titled something like “Willing to Help…” (meaning help 777 sort out some FM issues.) That thread went on for years and contained a huge amount of information. Because of the aluminum construction and Lycoming motor, I don’t think it was a fair facsimile for a Nieuport but it was one hell of a project to take on alone in one’s backyard.

I remember seeing a build log somewhere as well (googles, short intermission…)

Yep - here’s a good one that I think Dart still updates:

Yep Dart is keeping that thread updated too. His speaking style and southern manner are a hoot.


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I remember he scared me with his take off and fly between the trees story… What a fun and rewarding project though!

Yeah that one was a little too sporty for me too.
Found the video of it.


Or landing short of the runway…

Tiny rudder to be giving all of the ponies, but I really admire his “pioneering” spirit.

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Have to see if I can find all of the specs he posted but the plane is 7/8th scale and its using a Volkswagen motor so I don’t think it is overpowered. He described it one time as basically an oversized ultralight.


and i do admire his wife. :slight_smile: