Six F-35Bs on Wasp trials

Though I’m on the fence about how I feel about the overall F-35 program…the -B variant is pretty cool in a techno-weenie kind of way. Six of them are now on the Wasp doing trials…

Nice article at Foxtrot Alpha on it: HERE!


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That top hover flap looks kinda hokey, in that if that was lego it would fall off :wink:

Meta note: I just added foxtrotalph to our ‘onebox’ list of sites, so we should get nice previews when showing links from them now. :smile:

Nice. They have great articles and I frequent them daily…

I do like that site, though I have not managed to incorporate into my daily web reading cycle. I appreciate you guys posting links to good articles here :slight_smile:

Anyone browse IHS Janes , for me it is a daily routine.

Not for a while, but Janes used to be a must-read for me. It looks great though, and am poking around now :smiley:

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