SkyMaxx Pro updated

X-Plane users that use SMP - an important update was issued today. Apparently NOAA turned off their weather distribution database or something (no doubt a LOT of add-ons…both real world and simulator use this) so METARs weren’t loading in X-Plane (or SMP). A fix has been issued - so a new download of SMP (v3.3) is available:

And important note however - is that it appears the NOAA data importing is NOT working yet. From the developer:

“I’ve heard that the NOAA URL fix will actually be distributed separately as part of an RWC update. Stay tuned.”

If you are running the X-Plane beta however:

“Meanwhile, X-Plane’s 10.50rc3 release fixes their own URL, so RWC in “automatic” mode should start working again if you have 10.50rc3.”