Small Idea for Screenshots

I’ve been wondering if there would be any interest or opposition to having a pinned to the top screenshot thread… Maybe just for DCS only. I take a lot of screen shots but feel silly starting a whole thread for just posting one or two from a night.

I can understand if you don’t wanna start that trend, but thought I’d ask.

Still love hanging out there. :sunglasses:


Not a bad idea having dedicated “DCS World Screenshots” or “Elite Dangerous Screenshots” threads.

Just a place to for anyone to dump random screens for a particular game.



Create a new topic of either ‘DCS Screenshots’ or ‘Elite Dangerous Screenshots’ etc in the #screens-aars category and start populating it with goodness and I’ll be happy to pin it. Nice idea @Andrew116


Fearless, I don’t know how hard it is, but perhaps have a little “in banner” flag when people upload to the forums, and then randomly let them scroll by at the top in a small banner so that you can click on them to enlarge. Might be nice showcase for older screenshots as well?

I have no idea how technically feasible this is and how easy it is to modify this forum!

We could add a better image gallery plugin, but at the moment they are all a bit buggy. I’ll keep my eye out for one though for sure.

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