So..any 2017 resolutions?

I’m gonna be pedestrian and put up the old standby: lose weight. Like - a lot of weight. 2016 has not been good to me with regards to fitness.

A few others:

  • More kayaking/kayak camping
  • Try, try, try to get my feet wet in Steel Beasts
  • Participate in more Mudspike MP events
  • Take Kai and Marisa flying
  • More travel to places we’ve not been
  • Finish the second half of my novel

So what about you guys? I’ll start a dedicated weight loss tracker thread on January 1… :bicyclist: :runner: :swimmer:


Improve my video editing and put out some more video content. My ultimate goal is to do a timeline video, starting with Airco vs. Eindekker and ending with Eagles and all active missiles, punctuating as many points in the development of air combat as I can.

In addition, I do like the ShoddyCast lore series, so I’d like to recreate a telling of the ArmAverse history in A3. Possibly Ace Combat in DCS.

Also, try my absolute hardest not to run down snowmobiling idiots who just blast out onto the road. No promises.


To work at not making everything I say sound like an argument. No promises (and yes i know now it just sounds like I’m arguing with myself)

  • Continue Scheduling MP events so that @EinsteinEP, @BeachAV8R, and @Navynuke99 cannot participate
  • Write my contextual history of the F-14
  • Acquire Pilots License



And that’s quite the span of time zones there!


-Cycle and swim more
-Complete a SCUBA refresher course and start diving again
-Complete a sprint triathlon
Still working on a few others…

  • Over the next year, before I go on an extended work trip, once a month take a trip to visit some place new around where I live.
  • Camping. Fishing. Etc. I’ve got a lot of gear I’ve barely used, or haven’t used at all.
  • Get current again in a Cessna or something similar.
  • Use said currency to fly for “fun” again every now and then instead of just for work.
  • Standard improve physical shape yada yada.
  • Save more. (Already in progress, set up a TSP to begin January.)
  • Drink less Nah…nevermind :beers:
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  • manage to work and live with the family in the same place
  • be a better father and husband
  • make something of the talent everyone says I’ve been given
  • show my kids the best side of the World

None in particular here.
Except perhaps to finish some stuff I started years ago and never finished and the standard one with the health.

Cancel my pilots licence.

Naaawwwww just kidding.
Main one for me is the same as @BeachAV8R ls first choice. Been a lazy year so more cycling and some luuurve handle reduction.

  • More alcohol
  • Less sports
  • Stop mixing things up

So…no mixed drinks, but beer, but not at the soccer game, but at Church. Sounds achievable. :thumbsup:


…next time you’re in the Raleigh area…

More time for hobbies:
Sim flying
Playing music, and performing with the band
Going on cycling/camping trips with gf

Less work: I have too many side jobs at the university now

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1 Get my MCSE or CCNA or something.
2. Complete a career in the sim.
3. Go flying in a glider again.
4. More Running and Gym
5. Drink better stuff less often

  • Floss more. It’s good for you!
  • Write some meaningful article for MudSpike
  • Stop being lazy and polish up my checklists for the MiG-21, Mirage, and F-5
  • get more sleep

(I imagine that my other goals have a better chance of becoming realized)

Survive first 6 months of baby #2 starting in June.


Just tie him to Baby #1 - how far can they get?