So Here Is How My First Day With BMS 4.33 Went

Ok so more or less a Day and a Half. So day 1, The half day. Spent all day making my CH profile. i had one form 4.32 but the key commands had changed. No big deal I needed to make a new one anyway. So I got that done and decided to hop in the pit and see if I could start her up. I havent played falcon since '11. Once on the ramp I get the 16 started just fine. I then proceed to go through my HOTAS functions to verify everything works. Good news my CMS,TMS, and DMS switches dont work. Awesome!!!

I forgot that the CH Manager has a different stroke command for right ALT, CTRL, and SHIFT vs left ALT, CTRL, and SHIFT.

Ok so I redid all the mapping. Time for the first mission. A DEAD just across the border. My load out 8 SDBs. Never used them before but it should be great.

Not good at all. apparently SDBs have a good range. I end up getting shot down trying to figure out my launch envelope.

Ok what ever, Good learning experience. Mission 2 another DEAD, same loadout. This time I map 8 targets to separate waypoints. The plan is simple, Select the way point and drop a bomb. Rinse and repeat for all 8 then head home. Great success sorta. I dropped all 8 and landed safely. Only 3 bombs hit the targets. But HQ said it was a great success.

Mission 3, another DEAD with the same loadout. I programmed in my waypoints and headed out. Flew right over a SA5 site. Why you ask? Because I forgot to check my SAM areas, thats why. To make things even better, I forgot to arm my seat. I have never forgot to arm it. SO needless to say I get shot down and try to eject only to hear a clicking sound when I pull the EJ handle. Damn I forgot to arm my seat. So I arm my seat right before the second missile hits me. No chute just a dead pilot.

Great stuff. So I need to plan better and hopfully that leads to a successful mission #4.


This sounds pretty typical for my learning curves as well! :wink:


LOL…great accounting. When I’m learning a sim (or re-learning it)…I usually keep it pretty basic and just try to sling some dumb bombs onto something. Then I work my way up to the more complex avionics and weapons systems. But once you get there…it’s kind of cool to feel like a maestro working the HOTAS. I always enjoy that feeling in the A-10C when I get the TGP on target, lock, switch SOI to Maverick, zoom, lock, fire! Feels like I’ve accomplished something. I’m guessing the F-16 in Falcon has a similar learning curve…


Funny you bring up the A-10C @BeachAV8R Apparently the 16 and 10C HOTAS switches dont function the same…I was really close to saying #*$! it and going back to the A-10C. But I stuck with it and well you read the results so far!

One thing I would like to add is, @wagmatt Can we get a DTC function in DCS??? Pretty Please