So the big HTC Vive Cosmos reveal.... Was a Dud

Tons of anticipation as we were all told to tune in for the reveal… and were treated to 13 minutes of a rotating headset. I felt almost as if we were being trolled. Also, rumours point to the headset debuting at the end of August for 899 Euros (Approx $1022 dollars)

Perhaps we will get some REAL info, later.

(Plus, read the comments)



That rumor was corrected by HTC.

Not bad, actually…

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Oof, that headline though ‘It features the highest-resolution display we’ve seen yet on a VR headset.’

The Vive Cosmos has an LCD display with a combined 2880x1700 combined resolution (1440x1700 per eye), which is higher than both the Rift S (1280x1440 per eye) and the new Valve Index (1440x1600 per eye).

HP Reverb sobs into its 2160 by 2160 pixels per eye resolution (4320x2160 combined). How do they find VR journalists anyway, just wait outside the lobotomy ward and see who comes out? :slight_smile:

Price for the Cosmos will be key. Guesses anyone? I’ll go with $799.


This is one of those moments when I am glad I am blind in one eye.



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Well, maybe they haven’t seen the Reverb, yet…? :wink:

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Headline should probably at least have qualified in a “consumer focused” headset.

That said, the flip up faceplate seems like a small, but useful feature. Would love for software to lean into supporting this; eg DCS menus and mission editor in 2D, then flip down to VR once in the plane.