[Software] Steamcleaner

Get rid of the redistribution packages. I just removed 12gb of directx files that just lying around.
I would still recommend go through the list to make sure it doesn’t delete anything important



For those with defaults settings in something like Windows 10, you will get a ‘Boo! Be scared!’ red warning when running the .exe downloaded from github. If you want to run it, hit the ‘More Info’ / Run button on the left side of the dialog and it’ll start up regardless.


I guess that’s why they call him @fearlessfrog :smile:



It had over 400 ‘stars’ on github, plus I peeked at the source code. It’s probably safer than the last Windows 10 update we got. :wink:


the latest windows 10 update is awful. My wife ran it on her computer, it got stuck at 35% overnight and I eventually had to just reboot it. It ended up restoring the previous version. I told her to just leave it the way it is.

Windows 10 - making your computer stop working.

i got rid of 234GB by going to the common apps folder and deleting old redundant copies, because somewhere along the lines when the game was changed from the Normal name to the “game of the year” Name, they had a separate folder, so the game was essentially installed Twice

Applied to Multiple games…

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Yeah, I’m all for proactive patch management, but not being able to test and whitelist will make 2017 an interesting year for my guys. We’ve already had 2 that broke a bunch of authentication services in Server 2012 this year. Makes for phone calls like this - “My laptop says that it is no longer a member of the domain.” and “Is the VPN broken?”, followed by “No one can scan to their Home folder.”

Especially with Origin and Demos/Betas. Looking at you, Battlefield 1… :expressionless:

Nice! this recovered 40GB on my Steam library drive :thumbsup:

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It’s amazing that Microsoft manages to mangle Windows Update into something worse with every major iteration. Then again they’ve never got it to work properly nor does their QA look at updates if the last few years is anything to go by.

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Managed to clear five gigs from my steam folder. Thanks!

1 GB saved. Two thumbs up.

deleted 6gb here