Solar Eclipse 21 Aug 2017

Ok, tenuously #space-sims news, but a few of us will get a good view this time around.

Anyone got any viewing plans, would be cool to be up in the air and follow it along? :small_airplane:

Interactive map - just click where you live and it’ll give you amount covered plus start/end times.

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We will be right here - in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. Kayaking in, then hiking 5 miles up to a bear infested camp site where we will watch doom descend over the already foreboding Smoky Mountains National Park. The area we will be will not have the crowds…it is really in the heart of the park, only accessible by a long hike or a boat ride and a medium grade hike.


Site 83 on this map…at the junction with the ominously named Bone Valley Trail…


This is the same place where we spotted this on the Bone Valley Trail a few years back…

So we are really looking forward to it. I was bummed to learn my son and his cousin already knew about the eclipse because I was going to tell a great ghost story about a plague that had descended over the valley and how the zombies came out of their graves when the sun went dark… Still might try it anyway. LOL…


That looks like so much fun!

I think I’ll miss out on this Eclipse. It appears to scratch the south side of the EU at best. From what I can tell it might become a teensy bit darker at best. Alas!