Some hard landings without tearing gear off

Anyone else here like trying to land wheels down in fields?


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No, not really. If given the chance, I bail out. Or if I’m too low, I land gear up.
Seems like the fields in IL-2 are rather smooth…

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I cant talk for other games. But you need to pick the right ones. Also it helps to have a plane that is low on fuel so the touch down can be light as possible.

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Will have to give this a go myself. I know in old IL-2 off airbase landings were next to impossible with most aircraft. You would get the plane down and be just about stopped and you would hit a texture seam and nose over almost every time.



I don’t think that’s an option with the Stuka. . . :thinking:


Didnt they have explosive charges to blow the wheels off in case of emergency landing?

Doesn’t look like it. They trialed the idea for a sea Stuka, but it didn’t seem to catch on. Apparently there’s nothing about them in the maintenance manuals, so very unlikely they were used operationally.

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One question I had is would that explosive charge go off if hit by flak of from a fighter?

thanks for the information. Seems like the stuka was outta luck.

Yeah, its alot of fun. I’m almost happy if an engine goes out so I can practice.

I’m not an expert in explosives, but I think you need more of a detonator than bullet passing through. An exploding cannon round might do it, but hard to say for sure.

I’d go with the viewpoint that if you’ve got bullets and cannon shells hitting that area, you’ve got bigger problems than a couple more explosives going off.




Mudspike Award for “Best-putting-things-in perspective post” goes to… @Roo"

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Yeah… IIRC a certain Dr. Zebra could do anything!

Landing gear ruining your Stuka-in-a-field aspirations? Think on your head!

Literally, it doesn’t have wheels on top of the fuselage…

Jokes aside, looks like they were quite durable, and could even break off rather cleanly by these photos:


surprised it didnt get torn off hitting that ditch

Depends on the speed, hitting the ditch, I guess…

That’s how I like seeing stuka’s best: nose down in a ditch.

on another note, isn’t that new patch something? phoaar eh?