Some warm up before DCS Tomcat ;)


The largest any server saw online was when the beta testers were testing the Missions online.


It would have, and it’s sad to see that TK abandoned the platform rather than figure out how to implement it. I still boot up SF from time to time It’s not perfect but there is something to be said for the massive scope it manages with respect to aircraft, weapons and ships. I shudder to think how much immersion that that variety of units, even if only for the AI, would bring to DCS missions.


I just want to chime in and say, “same here”. I loved it. Flew the heck out of it and I guess I outgrew it when it went Android. I find it hard to fly anything that is not on VR.
Back in the day, multifighter engagements and ground attack missions were so immersive. I still think its a great beginner game. Hate to see it go… Sigh…


Thanks, but with the amount of different planes concerned (SF2, SF2E, SF2V,SF2I,SF2NA and XPs, not to mention the big mods like XP Gold, NF, Korea etc, it would add up to quite a bit of editing.

That doesn’t include researching how it’s done, testing etc.


Not a daunting task as you still fly a plane at a time…

I’m pretty sure a Python script could handle it in a second. :slight_smile:
Still, no worries. I was more making sure you knew.


I installed everything a while ago, and made one big rar file and sent that to an external when I chose to back it up, that way I just extract the rar.


There is a VERY important plane that SHOULD be included here…!


I wonder which one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Clearly the AT-802U.


I can’t believe I left out the Skyraider…you sir, are correct.



I though it was a joke, but holy cow it can drop laser guided bombs! :scream:




I played tons of SF1 MP, although its limitations were frustrating. Only 4 types possible in a mission, two per side, only two sides, no nonflyables available.

That said, the random missions were fun enough. Even though you had to start in the air near the target the placement of units was logical and tough.

I was quite annoyed when SF2 dropped it, especially as the given reason of the dropping of DirectPlay for later OS seemed weak when I could still play SF1 MP on that same modern OS.

SF2 could have led to an excellent SF3, but TK trusted no one but himself and he alone couldn’t do it. He needed more funds, so he could hire more people and get more ambitious. He refused to partner with any sort of investors anymore, traditional publishers or even Steam which now has every POS game anyone could imagine.

On top of that he balked at doing anything that someone would classify as “marketing”. My wife does marketing and I see what works and what doesn’t. TK pretty much followed the book of “how not to market your business”. Strike that, he followed “how to not market your business.”

Almost no one but the old hands knew his products existed. His FB page was half-hearted. When you’re a one man shop you really don’t have the time to create your product, support your product, and market your product in a successful manner. Yet he insisted. Trust issues, superiority complex, stubbornness, I don’t know why, just what his insistence got him.

I’m happy he’s making a living with mobile games, but I’m disappointed he couldn’t evolve into a successful PC sim developer.


The SF1 Engine used older directX API

SF2 used a new one, which did not have the DirectPlay anymore. you canr mix API versions.

So you cant run SF2 with a DX9/10 Direct3D and still Use DX7/8 DirectPlay.


Still, a bunch of us approached tw and suggested making module for DCSW, that way he didnt have to code UI, Interfaces, GFX Engines etc.

just upsample the 3d models and textures, finish modelling the pits since they only modelled the front for 3DoF, script SFM and a generic SSM that can be applied to almost all of the AC (SSM Radar, HuDs, RWRs etc).

he shot it down.



Didn’t Hyperlobby support SF? Seems like my old IL2 squad was successful at getting some mp going with SF Vietnam, although I don’t remember more than four of us in a session. Carrier ops were fun.

Still, mentioning SF in the same conversation as DCS is like comparing a 1990s Mustang GT to a modern 911 RSR :slight_smile: I think that I’ll just keep it tucked away in a dusty corner of my bio RAM as a fond simming memory.

BTW, MilViz is freaking out of control. C-130, F-105, F-15C, Viper, SR-71, B350i, etc under development.


I’m afraid there’s a bit of pride in that choice there.


Yeah, LockOn was a Direct Competitor in the “SimLite” department.


If only their Jets didn’t break every update and their customer service weren’t as paranoid as Stalin.