Some Winter Flying Fun from Yesterday

Yes, we are actually a couple of days into Spring but it sure felt like Winter. (No heat in the Pitts) I managed some pretty rough flying, especially in the second half. Nice to fly with a little snow on the ground though.


Nice flying there @smokinhole and beautiful aircraft, from what we could see. Are you the builder and do you compete?

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Thanks! Its a beautiful machine no thanks to me. It has quite a successful aerobatic history as well (also, no thanks to me :triumph:). Ray Williams rebuilt it in 2005 and covered with plywood instead of fabric, making it pretty unique in the Pitts world.

I have so far managed at least three contests a year since buying the plane in 2013. I’ve had a few second place finishes but no wins yet. The first contest this year is the “Carolina Boogie” in April.

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Really!? Yeah, that’s unique…!

…so you’re telling us you’re going to be in the middle of barbecue country for an entire weekend? I think an old classmate of mine is going to be flying his S2C in that one again.

S2C. Trying to think who that might be.

Brett Pearce. Young guy with a Pitts and an Extra.

I don’t think we’ve met. NC draws people from the Deep South and New England who might not otherwise compete with each other.