Someone look info to make a new 3rd party on DCS: World

Check here. Not bad that Mig-19 and Mig-23s

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Interesting! While I’d love to see more aircraft in my DCS hangar, I’ve grown cynical over years of promises and no deliveries. I wish these guys all the success they can get, but I won’t get excited until I see some demo videos.


Same here. We have seen too many of those come and go.

I wish them all the best. A little ironic that they let their 3D artist go, but his work is really all they can show us at this point (and it is really nice work too).

I was curious about that too, especially with the high quality models they have and then this line:

but after some time and many words but zero work

Either a different person did that work, or the remaining team doesn’t appreciate the amazing work that was done in those photos. While the former sounds more plausible, the latter could explain why the 3D artist left! :wink:

Seriously, though, good luck guys, and keep us informed!