Sopwith Control Stick

Hello All:

I would like to build one of the triangular Sopwith Camel / Pup sticks. Can anybody provide me with specs, dimensions, drawings, etc? Thanks


This guy might be able to help you out.

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Thank you once again. You are either a human Wikipedia or some ridiculously sophisticated AI that masquerades as human…



Truth is that
I fly aircraft for a living.
When I don’t do that I pretend I fly aircraft on my PC or I’m here, talking about it.
And if I’m not doing that I build small aircraft that I fly by remote control.
Unless, of course, I read about aircraft, or watch a movie about them.
I could also be talking about aircraft, with a friend.
When I tuck my daughter to sleep, I tell her a story about somebody flying an aircraft and then I go to sleep and dream about aircraft.

Discobot has more variation in his repertoire…

I wish @fearlessfrog could do something about it, but I’m afraid he considers me a lost cause. :wink:


Dang, that replica came out looking really nice. :sunglasses:


Current project: Marry a replica Sopwith stick to a Saitek Cyborg


That looks great!
But I’d like to see some more pics from the construction…

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Once I get to the interesting parts (triggers and rigging) I will post pics.

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OK, here’s a pic of triggers. Almost ready for the slicer…


Progress: Got the blip button installed and wired; wrapping the yoke.


Test fitting parts together. Still puzzling out the 3D printer… Anybody out there w/ a QIDI printer, who’s willing to give some advice - feel free to sing out…


Nice work - I also approve of the scotch collection in the background!

One must not neglect the importance of proper hydration…


OK; when I disassembled the Saitek joystick, I just grabbed two wires at random to use for right and left triggers, so when I test them out in the MSoft Game Controller Settings the left trigger actuator activated button 2 - yay!, but the right trigger fires ‘hi-hat back’. Does this matter? Can I just map any ‘trigger event’ to whatever button I want or should I rip it apart and look for a wire not associated w/ the hi-hat?

El Gordo


That shouldn’t matter. You can map any switch to anything, in DCS and IL-2, at least… I think that was the case with RoF as well.

The springs are on their way, BTW. :slight_smile:

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Smashing job!

Thanks, Toll;

Much appreciated.

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Thanks; struggling with the triggers though. Have printed them numerous times but there is always some detail I’m not happy with. I might end up Frankenstein-ing 2 together to get a pretty one…

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The longboat apparently arrived (although there have been NO reports of looted monasteries and missing ‘wivestock’). Got the springs today. Found the best solution is winding the 2 thinnest sets together to make a set of basterd spring-ules. I am printing up an adapter plate for my trigger ‘plug’, so rig should be operational tomorrow. Thanks again, much appreciated!


I told the guys to do a quick delivery. Had to pay them extra, since there were no looting…
Vikings! They drive a hard bargain, you know. :roll_eyes:

Clever. Must remember that.