Space Sim Comparison

I chuckled.


No Man’s Sky was disappointing for sure. My son bought/played it and it is pretty thin. It essentially turns into a cross between a planet tourism procedural-gen tech demo and a bad minecraft/inventory management sim. It still has some worth though, just not $60 of it as yet. Also, the hate-train for it seems more popular than the actual game, as in never under-estimate the ability of people on the internet to be DISGUSTED AND UPSET like their life depended on it.


My interest curve in NMS took a weird hop. I was generally dismissive of it, as a lite version of Elite. Then Phillipa Warr of Rock Paper Shotgun wrote a piece in the spring describing an early access version she had played at the developer studio that described much more in depth planetary game mechanics, and that tickled my fancy.

As the game got closer however the developer started walking back stuff, and making odd non-confirmations about game features and I was suspicious again. Come release all of the reviews described a game that sounded to me like Elite without any of the parts I find interesting. Then there was the whole “LIIIIIIIIIES” thing… and well I think I’ll stick with Elite for a while longer.

As for Star Citizen, ask @Tyco about how much glee I derive from dismissing it out of hand.


Target Public - Yes Album cover fans - HaaaaHaaaaHaaaaaaHaaaaa!! That joke was right in my age range…


I think the main thing I don’t get is that there is such a huge amount of reviews nowadays and that we’re talking about digital deliveries - where pre-ordering really doesn’t make a huge amount of sense.

So the repeating pattern I see a lot online (not really here, just generally) is:

  1. Press game previews are positive. Hint: a ‘preview’ is a press code-word for ‘be positive’ as the title has the universal get out of jail card called ‘not finished’. A preview is nearly always just a promotional fluff piece.

  2. People fill in any blanks and ambiguity with their hopes and dreams. Developers either don’t go out of their way to crush those dreams or just double-down and get on board with the hype train with the dreamers. It is like the developer’s have a vested interest in the games sales or something, who knows?

  3. People pre-order as if zeros and ones will run out, so they need to pay in advance. They might convince themselves that the ‘bonus hat’ is worth it, but basically see step 2. They become emotionally invested.

  4. Game comes out. It’s crap. If it’s not crap then it certainly isn’t ‘Utopia 2016’ that every personal dreamer had dreamt up for themselves. Developer says ‘we can fix it in patches!’, sometimes.

  5. People lose their bowels as the pre-order gets treated like some sort of universal license to spend every waking hour filling the internet with how devastated they are (again). People that actually even own the game will then also spend time ‘trying to protect the consumer!!’ and piling on. Pitchforks!

  6. New title announced, go to 1.

I dunno, I guess I’m trying to say that if a computer game can make you upset then try not to pre-order. If you don’t pre-order but just enjoy piling on anyway then just reexamine your life priorities, as you might be a troll. :slight_smile:


Not surprised

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I was very hyped at first showing. But as time wore on and they didn’t seem to show anything new, I realized it was a trainwreck in the happening and stayed away.

I never really got interested in nms. Star citizen I was until the cost became apparent and then it became a hell no.

Uuugh this part. Some streams/commentary on Star Citizen leave me wanting to yell, “That’s literally never been announced as a feature, ever!!!” Not that RSI’s particularly zealous about clearly defining what’s going to be included at each stage of release.

Wide-eyed Fan: “Hey, I heard Star Citizen’s graphical fidelity’s so amazing, it can actually improve your eyesight!”
RSI: “…Well, we won’t say that’s NOT a feature that might make it’s way into the game, at some point!”

You just need to pledge another $20M

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Nice comparison.

I bought Elite when it came out. I will buy Star Citizen if it’s released…

Like 2020 :grin:

I too chuckled. Well done good sir.

NMS, well I don’t care much for the current generation of space sims, they all look largely boring so I ignored it and was spared all the drama suffered by so many.

ED, again never played it but it looked like ETS2 only then less interesting because SPAAAACE; please allow Tim Curry to elaborate.

SC, well that’s a game that will not be finished in the next decade and has a complete edition of 15 000 currency of choice… THAT IS NOT ACTUALLY COMPLETE. So yeah, I can buy a car for that kind of money…

Inspired by this thread I went back to Star Citizen again.

While I followed the game very closely in the beginning (I just had to, since I am a long time member of the Wing Commander community, and I knew of the project pretty early) I kinda lost track of it because of stuff like having a Baby and new DCSW versions, and also because the first universe prototypes wouldn’t run on my computer.

Anyway, I jumped back in with 2.5 and the gamescom presentation, and I must say WOW!
Definitely worth a look, they are on a good way it seems. I am kinda glad about that because I spent 250 dollars on it already. :smiley: (Actually that’s money well spent, I had SO much fun with the project already. :slight_smile:

So if you have a pretty recent PC, try it. It is kinda of the opposite of Elite. Just some ~100 systems planned, but the game is so… dense? With all the walking and stuff, and the physics of the ships, and all the details! And that’s only the beginning.
I wasn’t too interested in Elite because from what I saw of it the galaxy feels kinda… empty and repetetive. Huge, which is cool, but… yeah, kinda empty. As an old Privateer fan I think Star Citizen will be more fitting for me. Even if it will be released with only half of the promised features, it will be epic already.