Space X Falcon 9 rocket launch and landing 7th October.

If you are anywhere near Los Angeles this evening, Space X is launching a Falcon 9 from Vandenberg AFB, and then landing the first stage also at Vandenberg. It should be visible from quite a distance.
Launch is scheduled for 7:21 PM Pacific Time.


I believe this is the first return to landing site landing for the west coast.


So that was pretty spectacular. I went down to the beach at Del Mar with the rest of my crew and we watched in awe…


I’ve not seen word yet on whether Mr. Stevens caught the fairing with the net.

While this part has become (naturally) a bit routine here, NOTHING beats the synchronized dual heavy booster landings. Twice the sonic booms, twice the flares, twice the excitement. :slight_smile:

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Spectacular pix @PaulRix, thanks!

LOL…From the thread title I thought this had something with the combat sim of a similar name…I was like “I’m still on Falcon 4.0…when did they go to 9??”:astonished:

Very cool pics! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lol, yes. I should have made the thread title a little clearer. I’ll adjust it.

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Well the articles I read actually said that last night’s launch “could” be when they try to catch the fairing. No idea if they actually did make the try, though.

For reference:

I suspect that we would have heard by now if they made a successful catch.

Most impressive.

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Completely missed this event. :frowning:


Such a good presentation in that video.

There is more happening than in one episode of Game of Thrones but only in the quarter of the time :wink: