Space X Return To Flight (Iridium NEXT Launch 1-14-17) (Updated)

#Space X is starting the new year off with energy as they prepare for the first mission of 2017 and the first mission since the September 1st static fire anomaly. Space X is currently aiming for a launch next week from Vandenberg AFB on Saturday the 14th

Launch Time: January 14 at 9:54:39 am PST or 5:54:39 pm UTC (subject to change)

This mission will be launching the first 10 of the Iridium NEXT satellite constellation.

Space X’s follow up comments on the cause of the September 1st anamoly.

The test firing of the Falcon 9 was today:


Iridium-1 Technical Webcast (Youtube)

Iridium-1 Hosted Webcast (Youtube)

| Falcon 9 Full Thrust | Iridium Constellation | Just Read the Instructions Drone Ship | Vandenberg AFB SLC-4E |


Launch date and time update:

FAA has granted Space X a launch license:

Launch date and time changed, bumped a week.


Iridium-1 Technical Webcast (Youtube)

Iridium-1 Hosted Webcast (Youtube)

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Aand they’re back.
Bullseye 1st stage landing, with footage all the way to touchdown this time :sunglasses:
YT upload of landing burn

Still awaiting deployment of Iridium sats.