Cool graphic…


Thats AWESOME @BeachAV8R

No more renders, this is for real now :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I was thinking…I was just listening to his thought process in awe, it was very cool to watch.

That was a fascinating interview. It’s hard not to be impressed by Elon Musk. He might put his foot in his mouth at times, but there is no denying that he thinks at a completely different level than most of us.


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Part 3 video is up and it is really interesting when they go to the pad and hear the ‘shop talk’. Eric Berger writes of some of the issues with the Blue Origin engines here (link below) and in part 3 you can see how SpaceX is trying to operate ‘part rich’.

Blue Origin’s powerful BE-4 engine is more than four years late—here’s why | Ars Technica

Space X launch in 40 minutes… quite a historic launch and mission too.

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about 7 mins to launch.

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Another flawless launch and booster recovery. It completely overshadows the Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic flights.

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Amazing to watch. Now compare this in your mind to Gagarin"s flight. Wow.

Me and the boys watched in live. OK…the boys and I. Great stuff…!

One thing that I did notice, and to be fair, this is a very civilian crew, but I bet Neil, Buzz and Mike weren’t fist bumping, making heart signs etc etc before their launch :rofl:


Did none of them hold up a sheet of paper with a “smash that LIKE button!” on it?


The launch was a bit too late for me to still be awake, which is a bummer, but even though this is basically a joyride for some rich dude it is kinda inspiring. So yeah, going to watch some content from this mission.

I missed it at first but heard the rumble and looked out the window. They failed to get a good shot of it from outside around MECO and stage sep, it was very beautiful and you could clearly see the first stage firing and changing orientation as the 2nd stage sped away.
Unusually for a launch here there was no lateral movement from my POV, out my window the rocket flew directly away from my house with no N/S translation as they usually do when flying to the space station or one of the other inclinations.

Ah found one from a bit closer in, but this is more what I saw out my window:


Up and down…


We were at my daughter’s holiday performance at the local outdoor mall when the Falcon launched. We all looked back over our shoulder and saw it clearly, then as it got higher the sound reached us and due to the cool still air REALLY rumbled a lot. They were in between songs fortunately!