Stable Orbit

Seems pretty interesting if you want to build and command your own space station in something other than KSP :stuck_out_tongue:

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looks cool

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Where is Sandra Bullock? And no, I’m not riding in the space capsule with you Matt Damon…no way!

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So the moral of the story is, if you see Matt Damon in space, get away as quickly as possible

Steam preview is broke for me here (Canada, denied once more ;)), so the direct link is Stable Orbit - Build your own space station on Steam

Whoa, whoa. No. Matt Damon at least has a 50% survival rate. Sandra Bullock managed to break like 100 different aspects of physics in her little tryst up there. You keep her far away from me, I don’t want to end up going from LEO to Mars or plummeting into Jupiter somehow.

Also with Damon the rescue ship is flown by either Jessica Chastain and Kate Mara, or Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway.

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looks like u can buy it now

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If they’re sending Anne Hathaway to get me I’ll just take my helmet off or like a hole in my suit. No one needs to be subjected to that. Kate mara on the other hand…

I’d reserve myself from riding with Tom Hanks as well… :wink:


[quote=“Troll, post:9, topic:2976, full:true”]
I’d reserve myself from riding with Tom Hanks as well… :wink: [/quote]