Stalker 2

Looks good, had a lot of fun in original game, this has been a long time coming and its release is still not until next year 2022 and already on Steam Pre Order, but its got my interest.


Between this and the launch trailer for Forza horizon 5 coming out my new game hype train is chuffing along merrily

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Played the original and the extension quite a lot, even though i’m usually not too fond of the horror shooter genre. I hope they come up with a worthy successor.

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Once I got through the initial difficulty hump, I played the fook outof OG stalker. Cheeki breeki v’damki!


I played all 3 games at least twice, once vanilla and again with mods. I think I chose STALKER Complete for it.

I also enjoyed the similar Metro games. Hard to believe we’ve had 3 Metro games and multiple DLC for them since the last STALKER game.


Looks almost impossibly good…
I’m going to have a hard time waiting for this…

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