Star Citizen Multi-Crew Demo

“Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in…”

Looking nice, as in closer to the dream that a lot of people originally had for sure.

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Man…that part at 3:15 or so where the pilot gets into the cockpit. Such a small thing…but really helps with immersion - would be nice if our flight sims added this touch… I know next to nothing about Star Citizen (despite having bought something…I can’t even honestly remember what it is I purchased)…but do you manually fly out of the dock and stuff or is it all scripted?

Nice video…thanks for sharing…


It was all taken from a live demo apparently. There was a stream from Gamecon where they first showed what they could do with an early dev build.

The advances for SC are the much bigger 64 bit areas (they use the Crysis engine, so getting that done is an important step) plus the whole ‘four people all on one ship walking around’.

So eventually I’ll be able to walk to a computer terminal in Star Citizen, sit down, and pull up on the terminal? Maybe even play some Elite Dangerous? LOL…

In terms of stretch goals I think they have one at $200 million that allows you to see the back of your own head while using an in-game game computer. :smile:

3:15… :thumbsup: