Star Wars at BeachAV8R's... (no spoilers please!)

So, as you might remember, we were discussing what age would be appropriate to introduce my son (6 yrs. old) to Star Wars. I still think six might be a touch early (although I was watching much worse stuff when I was a kid)…but I don’t want the big spoiler of Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back to get ruined for my son by someone else tell him. My wife and I decided to do a huge Star Wars weekend…and the kids (Kai and his cousin) didn’t even know about it. They were downstairs…and I remotely turned on my computer playing the Star Wars theme at maximum volume…and down the stairs we came dressed in our costumes. LOL… So we have the first six movies, an R2D2 inflatable, blasters, a Star Wars cake, Star Wars toys, margaritas (uh…yeah…I know…)…I mean, Intergalactic Margaritas, and a whole bunch of other stuff…

That outfit might come in handy later…(have another margarita Princess…)

The Stormtroopers even have a Stormtrooper Transport that matches their color scheme…

Apparently there wasn’t a height standard at the Stormtrooper academy…

Captured you Rebel scum!

Joint Patrol on the BeachAV8R compound…

Our new Neighborhood Watch concept…

And the moment of truth. The moment that music started…transfixed. Here we goooooo!!!




Just watched Ep VII with Kid #1. Worth the hype, IMHO.

What order are you watching them in? 4-5-6, then 1-2-3?


You have to watch them 4-5-6 then 1-2-3. IMHO 4 is ruined if you know about 1 2 3.

Also for the record 5 is the best!


Yeah…going 4-5-6 then 1-2-3. I’ve heard perhaps it is best to go 4-5-1-2-3-6…but at their age level, I’m not sure if they can handle the skip back and then forward. But it was great because I video-taped them during the great Vader reveal at the end of EP5… What a great moment… LOL…


Yup, 456 is the best, and even if you dont/didnt make it to 123, you can go see the new one without much question.


Got through 4,5,6 - very enjoyable. I can see why 6 was the least favorite (generally)…it’s like Jim Henson decided to direct a movie. So today we start 1,2,3…

They are outside blasting each other (in the face probably) with their Nerf Star Wars blasters right now… :smiley:


Very cool photos! :smile:

Saw the new movie, and it was great. The new cast do really well and it’s good fun.


Its those damn ewoks man!!!

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Just got back from taking the boys (Kai and his cousin) to see Star Wars: The Awakening. Holy cow. No spoilers. But wow. What a rollercoaster. And the effects. Wow. I wanna be a pilot for the Rebellion when I grow up.


Your lack of faith in the Dark Side is disturbing…

Heck…my car even looks like Poe’s X-Wing…!