Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

For those of you who haven’t seen it, there’s a teaser for the sequel to Fallen Order:

I really did like the first part, if they pull no EA nonsense, this could be good.


EA just really blows, but I am looking forward to trying it….just hoping it goes on Gamespass like the first one did.


I really, really tried to enjoy the first game, but I just couldn’t. Too much twitch - based combat, too many platforms, too much time spent going to the same places over and over again- to me it felt like another game shoehorned into Star Wars, and even in Story Mode, I just got too frustrated and never finished it.

Having said that, that’s a really cool looking trailer! And I really, really hope that Joruus C’Baoth in the tank there.

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The first one is one of the games I enjoyed most in the last few years. Stoked.


That was the biggest issue I had with Fallen Order. I hope they get completely rid of that.

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I really really wanted to like it, I really tried to enjoy it. But i just suck at combat and the whole fight parry block stuff.
Very much enjoyed the first couple of hours but just got bored after


Looks good! If those were in-game graphics then they’ve definitely given them a buff. A good teaser trailer there.

I liked Fallen Order and completed it several times. I am looking forward to seeing where they take it next.

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I think they overdid it a bit, but I did enjoy revisiting the places I’d already been to, the whole “Castlevania” / “Metroid” thing. Like the newer Tomb Raider games.

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