Starway texture DLC now by donation

Unfortunatly it proved impossible to protect this through the DLC store. However he is free to distribute or sell his work in any way he sees fit.

I wish he had explain in more detail as to why it can’t stay on the store. Anyway I’m sure most of us are willing to pay/donate to him. It’s excellent work

It probably boils down to an inability to give it proper DRM protection, like with StarForce or something.

That’s how I understood it. It is hard to copy protect those files, they couldn’t find a way to do it properly.

It is a pity that people who don’t feel comfortable installing mods can’t get it via the DCSW shop. That would have been a main advantage (updates/repair don’t break the mod and so on) many of the guys would gladly pay ten bucks for.

I wasn’t too interested in those textures to begin with (Don’t care much about the buildings and I like the terrain by Barthek better), I still think it is a pity.
Also because I don’t use PayPal so I guess I won’t be able to send Starway some money if I change my mind some day.

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That’s a shame for Starway, it looked like he put a lot of work in it.

It also seems like this should have been the first thing to figure out before going to go ahead with it for the last few months.

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It was more that ED was impressed with his work, and from that they idea of selling it as a DLC came about. And the work wont really be wasted I dont think, it will still be worth having.


On one hand I want to make a joke about repeal and replace this disgusting lack of snow.

On the other hand I have no ill will towards Starway, and had hoped this would be a great success for him as he obviously poured a great deal of work and love into those textures.

On the other hand…


I’ll still buy it…

I was, like others disappointed to hear this. I also, like others was very sad for Starway. He clearly put a lot of work into this. I wanted to purchase this via the module manager. So easy and official. I myself don’t like Paypal. I don’t like to fiddle with mods either. Don’t know if I will purchase now considering the options. Will have to think on it. Would love to support Starway though.

I would guess he can still sell it himself in a few various ways, plus provide a simple one-click installer.

It is a shame not to be in the ED store, but I can see how texture files would be hard to validate against a serial key activation.

Looks like there is an alternate plan in the works. Not sure it has the best optics but I will certainly contribute.

Thank you for your patience but I really had to think hard about this. So here is the plan:

I will set up a wordpress site with a donation option. The texture pack is on hold until the amount of 2000$ is reached. Then the T3 package will we provided for the whole community for free. When the amount of donations will reach 3000 $ I will release the T4 package under the same conditions.

Please be aware that this is not only a mod, even it has lost its official status, content wise it is still a DLC. I put more than a year of work into this, many rounds of corrections with ED and even jeopardized my real life job for this. That is why I can’t just give it out for free. I hope you understand.

All the best,


Just need 301 people to donate the 9,99 price tag and he should have reached 3000 mark


It is good it will be available. I wonder what happens if the goals aren’t met?

For an alternate plan, (he obviously has info I don’t) but I would have been tempted to just make it donateware without the goals - I think it would get him more (deserved) money in the end.

For the type of niche it is in, I actually think that no DRM is not an issue. The people that will buy it out of respect and honesty will far out-number those that would copy it for free - plus those copying wouldn’t probably ever either pay or donate regardless.

I am going to go out on a limb here and speculate, having no information other than what has been posted, that he may be pessimistic about the apparent attitudes of the public facing user-base.

I think that he will be surprised by the number of people that take him up on his offer. I think he will meet his goals.


I’m queued up for buying it…

Donation page is up!

DCS Forum Thread: Caucasus Texture DLC by Starway - Donation page is online - DCS Mods - ED Forums

EDIT: I adjusted the topic title to reflect the non-canceled nature.


All cool. Will donate ASAP, but what’s T3 and T4 packages?!

The actual Caucasus map is on T3 stage. Means the old map combined with the new engine. But sooner or later, the map will be updated on T4 status with a new mesh and a couple of other updates. The old texture pack will need some updates too then. -Starway


Oh wow. Sorry I missed that! Thanks! :smiley:

all I ask is more snow.