Starway texture DLC now by donation

I’ve already donated (“I gave at the office”) but couldn’t find a progress bar anywhere. Would like to see how far we are by now.

Starway updates progress in the ED forum thread sometimes. A few hours back it was at about $1300…

Glad to see they’re making progress!

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Thanks fearlessfrog. 1300 USD in less than a day and a half already. Looks good.

I feel rather sorry for Starway. Once ED released updated map for their 2.0 engine, all of his work will go away. 1.5 version will be forgotten and he will have to re-texture entire map again. To me this seems like an empty effort into nothing.

If I understood correctly he already has the corrected version of this work for the new map. The so called Tier 4 package.
So- no, his work is not only good but also future proof.

Again, that’s just my understanding…

I’m very doubtful of that. Just my opinion.

Nothing wrong with being skeptical but it’s all in the ED forums. I’ll see what I can find…
(IIRC Wags confirmed that too)

Don’t have too much time for sifting through Wags messages too…

Well, the first goal of $2000 has been reached. :sunglasses:


That is covered by the T4 option, unlocked when he reaches $3000 … which will hopefully occur later today. That is the main reason I am contributing, to hopefully provide enough positive feedback and encouragement to continue.

All DLC has this problem: there is no guarantee of updates/compatibility to future DCS releases. We expect that this will continue, and is indeed settling down around the 1.5/2.0 update, but if a company that develops DLC goes out of business, or an individual whose work over the past year does not get community encouragement and stops providing updates, the community loses.

I can understand the technical challenges encountered with protecting the texture content with encryption that were likely encountered. I understand that limited the options open to both ED and Starways. I also understand Starways reluctance to not dangle a carrot in front of the stick for the community.

I am happy, elated, that the community has seen fit to provide support … support that benefits everyone.


Dear all lovely backers,
I am very proud to announce that today, we reached our first goal. Right now we are at 2.266,89!

The first version of the DLC will go public tonight, at 9.00 pm CEST.

Thank you so much for your support and team spirit!

All the best,


I would have liked to contribute but one seems to have to register and have a pay-pal account. I don’t do pay-pal. Looks like I’m out of luck on this one. Oh well, what a shame. Would have liked to use these.

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@RedBravo65 But that’s the beauty of this.
Now that they are released, anyone can get them.

No, I didn’t pay therefore I won’t use.

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It’s a technicality, but there are multiple people who “paid” twice, you could just use one of theirs. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I paid twice … you can use my other one :slight_smile:

I respect your choice but that’s how Starway decided for the community to enjoy his work so…
I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Funny, I was thinking like @RedBravo65 as well. I would have loved to contribute but apparently in my country PayPal does not offer the option to use it without an account. Now I would feel kinda bad to use those textures…

…also I really like Barthek’s textures…

BTW: are Starway’s building textures included in the donation-funded version? Or are those just the ground textures?

Thanks for the kind offer Fridge but I think I’ll pass on the mod at this point. Cheers.

No worries komemiute. Don’t think I’ll use them anyway since I’m not too much into mods. Would have bought them though had they been an official DLC of DCS.