Steam DISK WRITE ERROR solution confirmation help needed

I stumbled upon what seems to be a quick and easy solution to DISK WRITE ERROR’s in Steam.
I have not seen this mentioned anywhere else.

Much simpler than any of the other SDWE solutions I found when trying to solve my troubles.

Trouble is that I have not had any SDWE, since before I decided that I want to write about it, so I have not been able to confirm certain aspects of it. I also don’t have any screenshots to backup my observations.

Okay. The solution: (This is where I can’t remember exactly how to do it)

It is either hover the mouse over, right or left click the DISK WRITE ERROR message and you will somewhere on screen, be shown a path to and including the file that have failed. (I don’t know if you need to have the statusline active for this to work.)

In most cases I just needed to delete the indicated file and resume the download and it would work.
In the 2 cases where it failed multiple times on the same file, I just deleted the folder with files containing the failing file and I could resume again.

I would very much like to share this solution in a number of the places where people have asked for help with this problem, as many of the other solutions are quite drastic.

I did find one screenshot here showing the error, but I have no rights to it, so I won’t be able to share it as intended.

My request:

If any of you get a SDWE could you please confirm how to show the path and if deleting the file and/or folder works for you?

I would also be very grateful for a couple of screenshots that I could share.

Happy Simming

Only time I ever saw those, it was because my disk was filling up.

I had it once with a failing SSD. Windows 10 ran fine, but when both X-Plane began locking up and getting the Steam DWE, I began troubleshooting the disk. I temporarily moved both my X-Plane and Steam library to an external USB 3 HDD and it ran fine. I replaced the SSD, moved the installs to the new SSD, and haven’t had any trouble since. Good luck. BTW, in my case the start/stopping the download had the exact same behavior as yours. Looks like the answer to the linked post was also hardware related, since replacing the data cable solved his problem.

I wrote about this as I am pretty much convinced that the SDWE’s I had was due to software errors.

After the first rounds I moved the game to another HDD and I was still getting them.

I then bought 2 new HDD’s as replacements for the old HDD’s and I was getting SDWE’s at the same points in the downloads on those as well. I have performed different error checks on all 4 HDD’s including surface scans and has found no errors.

The same file failing to download on 4 different HDD’s? To me that smells like a software upload error.

I finally solved this by clearing the Steam Download Cache.

With the next rounds of SDWE’s that only happened with one game, I stumbled upon the fact that the error message shows exactly which file that have failed to download. In most cases I deleted the offending file and the download could continue. Twice I had to delete the folder containing the file.

I have not had any SDWE’s since.

I am still using one of the old and both new HDD’s and I have not had any errors with them at all.

My take on it is that files can also be corrupted on the Steam Upload servers, so it doesn’t have to be a hardware error on the user side.

I just think that it is somewhat drastic to start with HDD troubleshooting when it could be a corrupted file or folder from the upload server.

My recommendation would be to:

Delete File
Delete Folder
Clear Download cache
If it keeps on failing after this I would try the reinstall dance.
If that doesn’t help I would consider HDD failure.

Happy Simming

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