Steam Hardware Preorders Are Up

Looks like the Steam hardware is ready for pre-orders, which at shows some of it must be real…

I’ve used a Steam Controller and thought it was very good, so will probably pick up one or two of those.

The Steam Link, I’m sort of covered by a mini-PC built for that purpose (plus it uses Plex, and I’m not sure Steam Link will support that stuff), but might get one for a spare TV we have doing nothing upstairs.

The Steam machines look very matte black, but I tend to build my own stuff. The test for those will always be the price, especially considering Microsoft giving away free OS’s like candy in a sweet store.

Here’s the controller’s promo vid:

I didn’t get the chance to try it with a flight sim, but it is certainly ‘more analog’ than say an Xbox controller in feel. It might actually be ok.