Stellaris AAR - The Opalglec Colonial Empire

The year is 2236. The Opalglec Colonial Empire has been steadily expanding through the use of wormhole technology. Its science ships have been charting nearby stars and locating resources, while the ever-busy constructor moves about known space, claiming resources in the name of the Empire.

The Empire is rather balanced, with a minor uptick in food production. The Opalglec find themselves best suited to arid climates, though several other biomes present options - among them desert planets. The Empire’s capital is Xaplo, in the Xaplonius system. A wonderful planet, it has seen the rise of the Opalglec from fledglings to masters of the stars.

Scientists have made great strides in physics and engineering. AT present, Bo-Ki, the Empire’s preeminent physicist, is toiling away at understanding the cloud lightning used by the void clouds, beings encountered some time ago in the vastness of space. They were no match for the explosive rounds of the Opalglec, however. Uv-Ko, the Empire’s sociological and environmental scientist, is busy researching new habitat technologies. Our engineer Po-To is well underway advancing our missile technology, further reinforcing the strength of our mighty fleet.

As the year carried on and our scientists continued exploring nearby stars, the arrogance of those other beings among the stars became evident - several of our ships were destroyed, along with all hands. Our science base was damaged, and the lack of experience among our ship commanders became evident as new anomalies became difficult to locate. The Gir-Pan-Pok was christened, and a new scientist appointed to command - Su-Pe - to lead the Opalglec further into space and to uncover ever greater secrets.

As things continued, and our reach among the stars expanded, so too did our technological excellence. Orbital research centres, mandated by the Empire’s President, were constructed in ever greater numbers. With increasingly advanced weaponry available, our attention turns to developing more capable warships, the Destroyers.

What else awaits the Opalglec as they continue their reach into the unknown? Friends and enemies abound among the stars - only time will tell who will reign supreme.


Nice AAR!
I wish I could finally decide whether to get Stellaris or Master of Orion…