Stellaris Deal

A bit of money off for the next day or two of Paradox’s new space empire builder:

Anyone into these grand strategy games here?


Already bought it :wink:

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I am already in as well. I liked Distant Worlds but it felt mechanical, spreadsheet-like. I am hoping Paradox nails the “telling grand stories” part that they are famous for.

Sounds like the name for some drug I’m supposed to be taking to make me pee better or improve my bone density…

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Brookhaven is apparently good for bowel movements…

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Just bought it. Was hoping for a Midnight EST release but I think will be more of a 0600 release which kinda sucks, I work tomorrow night but I have Wednesday through Friday off this week!

Honestly I had no idea this game existed but saw some youtube videos on it and immediately loved it

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Same here, saw a video of Scott Manley playing it and was sold.

Probably the same video I saw!

Here it is I think:

Hmm, trying to resist and this isn’t helping.

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Yep thats the one I watched, Still need to watch part 2, 3, and 4. Guess that wil give me something to do while I wait for it to come out.

Anyone up for a big Stellaris game on Friday?

Is this along the lines of Galatic Civilization II?

More like Civ in space.

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I see- well I barely had the time to touch GalCiv2 (which I bought over 5 years ago!) so at this point I’ll just wait and read AAR and drool over the screenshots.

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More like EUIV in space

I have both this game and the new Master of Orion on my wish list.
But I think I will only get one. Don’t know which one. I think I will watch some more videos, but while I like the fighting and colonization in MoO better I think I prefer the species customization in Stellaris…

Does anyone of you have both or knows something to say about them in comparison?

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I’ve decided to wait. My backlog is too big and I tend to get sucked into these sort of games where I emerge with a long grey beard and a haunted look in my eyes weeks later. The first couple of reviews look good though, apart from the IGN one. One good thing is the patches and Paradox are pretty much a sure bet - the single player game will get better over the next couple of months for sure.

So I Googled Stellaris to see what it’s about. I was really confused when the first thing I played was this video trailer for the game because it looked really, really cool…

But then the gameplay videos show it more like a strategy type game…not really first or third person…?

Eh, yes. It is basically something like Civilization or Master of Orion.

EDIT: Also please don’t be angry now, but I just pictured you sitting in front of your screen, utterly confused, saying “huh? I thought… what? …no RPG? Strategy? Am I missing something??” and that was damn funny! :smiley:

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LOL…just a bit of disconnect between the reveal teaser and gameplay… Kinda like what you often see with game trailers for things like Wargame European Escalation and stuff where they cut together a bunch of those close up scenes and make it look really incredible, whereas most of the time you spend your time in a much wider view. Marketing 101 and all…but those two Stellaris videos look completely different…

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