Steve Davies talks a bit about Matt Wagner's NTTR Red Flag campaign

This is good stuff:



That is very cool. I talked about his Red Eagles book in a video the other day and just realized I have a couple of his Osprey ‘Combat Aircraft’ books as well. His input, not to mention his source’s input, is probably the best news I have heard about the Nevada terrain so far. It sounds like the bar is raised on briefings and mission design. I really hope this carries over to future projects.

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Very, very cool. This sounds like something I will indeed want to utilize. I like to make missions in mission editor. I think I’m pretty good with triggers and randomness, along with setting up realistic opposition. My briefings are my week spot though and I for one would love to look through these and get tips for better briefings. If the mission editor allows for better, more in-depth briefings along with graphics…I say hoorah!!

I beg to disagree, because that stuff isn’t just good, it’s excellent. Man, we’re going pro here!