Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Looks fun. Always interested in SAR type sims, even if this one looks pretty light. Has a bit of that ‘SimplePlanes’ build-your-own feel to it.

The store page has a ‘Download Demo’ button, where you can see what they’ve done so far.

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Hopefully they allow for inverting of the collective so that all the normal people can pull for power.


When you build your aircraft you do actually have to hook up the controls to the various bits of equipment, so it looks possible :slight_smile:

I just did the tutorial mission and it’s very minecrafty. It went well apart from the fact I skipped the character gen bit and inadvertently did the rescue naked. Hopefully the medical professionals weren’t too shocked by my naturalist approach.


That’s NOT how to do it?? To think…all these years I’ve been doing it wrong…


$9.22 USD at greenmangaming with voucher code WOOF18 right now.

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Will check that out