Su-25 video

Was watching this on YT - my fave Russki aircraft (why oh why no DCS level Su25 of any flavour? :weary: )

Just look at the amount of stick movement during take off!

In fact - even during later flight, to stay in formation the guy is constantly moving the stick and throttle a helluva lot!


I tried the Su25 in the “Into the Inferno” MP server. Got my hide handed to me. I was using VR and that was no help but the close pass needed to a LGM on target makes you a pretty easy target yourself. It was wonderful flying it again while I was still alive. Regarding the stick and throttle flows: with the stick I would be you are doing exactly the same but since you are using a small stick with a small throw and a strong center, it doesn’t feel as if you are tossing it around as much. The throttle throw is higher than one would expect. Turbine lag maybe?

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That makes two of us! I even had top cover supposedly looking after me at the time.

Exactly this. I build a stick extension that is about as high as you find in some fighter aircraft and I toss it around quite a bit too to get few smooth movements. On the other hand, going full deflections feels like proper effort with such a long stick. It really helps!

Yep, most likely that. The turbines show a smooth and gentle curve thanks to his nudging of the throttle back and forth. I doubt the 25 has FADEC/ECU engines so it’s a neat mechanical leverage system that controls the engines. It’s really something to be honest.

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