the hoops that the trainer makes you fly through are driving me nuts. Having successful landing training I have gone on to CCIP bombing mode ( trying to find a supermarket ) but after the usual spiel on bombing modes I now have to fly through hoops to find a target, thinks it is pink smoke, however this aircraft dosnt give you power to get upto these loops and driving me nuts. Are there more training missions with hoops or is there a way to ignore them.

I would be tempted to just try some freeflight static target type missions, is the Su25T the free one?


just trying things by the book ,yes its the free one

So in the free flight mission, you can’t climb up to the hoops? I find it not very likely (but then again, long lost bugs in old FC3 modules are not uncommon). I’d check to see if your throttle axis is going all the way up, if your flaps/spoilers are correctly set. Other than that, maybe you are loosing too much speed on your pull up (pulling too hard)?


Not free flights but the training missions. Anyhow have been flying 27,33 and 29 from FC3 using made up missions to practice landing, quite impressed with these Ruskies.
Just went back to the 25T to train on rockets to pass 10mins and lo and behold the old green rings are there again. There is just no need for them at this stage but guess ED wont be changing anything from my requests LOL.


If you can land a -29 without busting it up, you are a noob no more bud. You are an ex-noob. A former noob. A person who once was a noob. You still get to ask tons of silly questions though.


I am the master of silly questions.