Summer Cleanup

That’s a big one, too. The flying days are extremely limited, and in my AO we’ve been having a solid streak of heat waves for the past few weeks.

I have been flying my RC helicopter for years. I thought it might be fun to join others in the hobby because up to that point I had NEVER seen another human fly RC. It was a solo experience only. So I was at my local hobby shop (now defunct, thank the gods) and asked about the truth to the rumor I had heard that there was an active RC field 1/4 mile from me. “Yes” he said, “but you won’t be welcome with your T-Rex”. So I know my place. It’s alone in my back yard.

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Hey @Franze, if you are selling any of that stuff, I’ll take the old cat puke.

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I had been out of it for ~20 years when I got back into it in '15; I started off with a cheap fixed pitch micro helicopter, then moved up to a slightly larger one and a Spektrum DX6i. I then got a cheap cub foamy and gradually got back into it from there.

The reason I got out of it 20 years ago was because the local club didn’t want a deaf kid there and the instructor purposely crashed my plane. That instructor is still at the club and I refuse to be part of such a sorry group of slack jawed idiots.

Also, threw the old cat puke out. If I find any more, I’ll ship it to you for free!