Summon Your Tesla from Your Phone

“During this Beta stage of Summon, we would like customers to become familiar with it on private property. Eventually, your Tesla will be able to drive anywhere across the country to meet you, charging itself along the way. It will synch with your calendar to know exactly when to arrive.”

Is it bad that my first thought was this would be a really hilarious way to steal a car using a hacked calendar? :car:

A couple of years down the line, we could have ‘Tesla Come Home’ feel-good stories too.


Yeah, there’s NO WAY this will ever be hacked.

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I’d like my John Deere to adopt this technology…

Hey JD - go mow the lawn. Cross-hatch pattern please. Four inch length.

There’s a neighbor not far from us that has one of these:

The local teen that goes around offering to mow people’s lawns for $20 a pop turns it over like a turtle in distress I believe, although he never gets caught. Plus there is always the chance the Chilliwackians will come by in a pickup and see a free $2000 on offer. Razor sharp blades and autonomy - what could go wrong?

Buddy of mine works for them in the lawn care section- they’re working on it.

If they need a test lawn…I volunteer.