SwAF stuff

I got a shipment of stuff from my friend and colleague, the former Viggen pilot.

It’s a binder from the SwAF with the text ”Hemlig”, which means Secret. Thought I’d print the Heatblur Viggen manual… :slight_smile:
The gloves are used SwAF m/71 issue. Going to use them for displaying the Viggen Stick and do some promotion pics when I start selling.

The wing is a SwAF m/36 ”Silver Wing” used by non commisioned officer pilots. Officers used gold wings.


SwAF swag :smiley: noice!

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Let’s add more`

Hope some day I can Drake, med dig.


In 2004, when I was aboard CVN-74 at North Island, a polite came down to my office one day and said something like I just saw a plane crash over at the airfield and was wondering if you could identify it. He showed me his phone where he had recorded a video. A Draken landing and then doing a ground loop off the runway. No fire but it looked like he damaged a main mount.

The Draken was a privately owned aircraft, part of the dissimilar fighters–“Orange Air”–that were set to fly agains out strike group as part of a big exercise (C2X for @Navynuke99 and the other USNers in the crowd). We pulled out later that day so I never found out what had happened.

So, thus began my sad history with Saab aircraft…both real and simulated. :grin:


You were able to ID the plane in video filmed on a phone…in 2004?

What was the res on it, 200x150?!?!

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It wasn’t that good but clear enough - and the Draken is a fairly distinct airframe…and I have been intensely trained in aircraft, ship and submarine recognition. (Not so good on ground vehicles)

Of course it didn’t hurt that I knew we had a contract Orange Air so was expecting something out of the ordinary.