Switching from a dedicated 2TB WD Black to a Samsung 2TB 860 EVO MZ SSD

The current WD 2TB black is their best performing mechanical drive, but quite honestly, sick fed up of de-fragmenting it all the time for my pure gaming drive, it can take ages, hours upon hours, its time to take my games to an SSD too.

Use SSD’s separately for FSX, another one for P3Dv5, another for X-plane 11, another for Military Sims only … G:\ My WD 2TB Black 7200 rpm drive is quite fragmented as usual … and here is my question, if I never used a de- fragment prog on it, pulled all my games across to the new Samsung SSD and then made it G:\ would SDD trim control sort it all out? Windows 10 would be none the wiser after a drive letter rename and reboot?

Or would you be inclined to de-fragment the mechanical WD Black 2TB drive first? and then pull that data over to the new SSD and see what OS TRIM control could do?

Only other option would be a complete format and start again for everything, with future upgrades on horizon this year, not about to do that any-time soon, its all mostly … working very well here.

Goes without saying, use a separate OS Win 10 drive too, 970 EVO Plus 250GB M.2 NVMe.

No need to worry about the defrag.
Windows will handle the device appropriately, the device information, driver, interface etc. are all unrelated to the drive letter.

Just copy away, and re-letter when you are done.
You can then make use of Window’s built in optimization tool if you want to run TRIM essentially, it runs on it’s own schedule otherwise. (Defragment & Optimize Drives App in Win10).

Here is my view as a sample:

You may also see an extra entry like I do with the \?\Volume - that is normal and can be ignored, it’s the EFI partition if I recall correctly.

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Thanks Wes, prefer not to let Windows optimize my SSD’s automatically, pure 5Ghz all the time performance rig here, for , simulation and high end games, would rather do this manually, not let it happen mid flight by Windows routine.

New Samsung 2TB SSD for games is arriving today, decided to defrag my 2 TB WD Black 7200rpm, just in case, and for peace of mind:)

Must admit, only vaguely understood conventional mechanical disk fragmentation and new it was important that the more fragmented the drive became, slower everything was … SSD’s are awsome, was an early adopter of these too., these concerns were obsolete with good SSD’s.

Will shortly ditch my after market de-frag prog soon.

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And operation went very well, did defrag my 2Tb Western Digital Black first, probably no need as Wes says, but I’m stubborn that way :slight_smile:

Noticeable improvements in ARMA 3 and Rainbow 6 Siege load times, much more noticeable in fact and as you would expect of course, but main benefit for me is zero manual maintenance with using disk defrag program … could have that automated, I know, but only switch on this performance PC when I intend to use it, so little opportunity for de-fragmation of conventional mechanical drives in the background, no more mechanical drives on this machine now, or soon wont be, still have two other home PC’s, slowly they will lose their mech drives too is my plan.

ARMA 3 workshop content is near ever day download from Steam for my best mods, it would be forever downloading, de-fragmenting, this was a long overdue upgrade :slight_smile:

Windows own disk defrag is disabled too.

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