System Updates 11 Oct 2017


Just doing a couple of server updates. If we go off-line then it’s that and not aliens etc.

Back soon!


Cool…in the office getting ready to fly up to Cleveland. Saw the site pop down for a second and figured you were doing your Matrix stuff… I need internet in my plane!


Yep, all done now. I try to find a time where the site is quiet so as not to disrupt things, but we’ve got a pretty widely distributed set of people around the globe so there’s now basically no good time anymore. :slight_smile:


You could think about going the Docker-Kubernetes route. You build a new host container in the background, and once that’s all done and ready, you have just minimal downtime while the new container is deployed. Bit of work to set it up, though.



We do that for regular updates already, or rather they are built in another app container and swapped in. This time we needed to update the host and the docker-ce version itself, and we don’t have the money for a proper swarm. My phone has four times the working set memory of the app server here. Cheap and cheerful! :slight_smile:


I think swahili is more comprehensible.