T-Rudder Mk.IV Pedals, Gladiator and Gladiator Pro Joystick Pre-Order Launch


T-Rudder Mk.IV Pedals, Gladiator and Gladiator Pro Joystick Pre-Order Launch

(Shenzhen, China / Riverside, CA USA) - May 17, 2016 - VKB Industries and Stratojet Flight Controllers are proud to announce the opening of pre-orders for their new T-Rudder Mk.IV pedals, Gladiator and Gladiator Pro joysticks.

T-Rudder Mk.IV

VKB engineers have further refined the hugely popular T-Rudder pedals and they are shipping soon. The T-Rudder Mk.IV pedals offer a new heel pad design that makes adjustment even easier and more stable than before. Virtual Toe-Brakes will also be available via software allowing users maximum functionality. This penultimate design will serve flight-simmers of all stripes for years to come. Pre-Orders are now available through Stratojet. MSRP is $249.99 USD in North America. Pre-orders will also be available soon from FSC VKB Europe.

Gladiator Joystick

Our Gladiator joystick is now available for pre-order. The Gladiator will be a perfect fit for those pilots who want an excellent stick with high build quality, immersive design and precise handling - all for a reasonable price. The Gladiator will be available in North America from Stratojet. MSRP is $99.99 USD.

Gladiator Pro Joystick

And finally the Gladiator Pro joystick is also available for pre-order at Stratojet. The Gladiator Pro is the same form factor as the Gladiator, but it will include our all-metal next-generation gimbal with changeable cams. The Gladiator Pro does not include the twist function. The Gladiator Pro is designed for the discerning flight simmer who values extra precision and extremely rugged internals. Both the Gladiator and Gladiator Pro have inputs for VKB brand rudder pedals allowing the stick and pedals to be seen as a single device by your PC. MSRP is $249.99 USD.

Up, Up and Away!

This announcement ends the first phase of expansion of VKB Industries. However, it signals the beginning of an even greater expansion of VKB’s product line and operations on a global scale. It will take some time, but VKB Industries and her partners are committed to bringing flight-simmers and gamers the best controllers for their favorite titles. Please join the Facebook page for both VKB Sim and Stratojet to stay on top of all the latest VKB news and information throughout 2016 and beyond.

Please visit the official VKB forum at http://forum.vkb-sim.pro to keep up to date on production and availability news for our upcoming products. Make sure to notice our new English language section managed by Stratojet. A new English language version of the official VKB website (http://vkb-sim.pro) will be coming soon.

The VKB and Stratojet Teams

PR Contact for VKB and Stratojet
Jason Williams
[email protected]


Nice - thanks!

As a reminder, our VKB T-Rudder Mark III review (older than the IV shown here) can be found here:

The Mk.IV is even better. That I can tell you. :slight_smile: I’ll get Mudpsike a review sample as soon as feasible.



Sorry for slightly OT, but anybody know if they sell their bases or gimbals separately? I’m mostly happy with the TMWH (apart from the stick gimbal), those stick gimbals look like a solid improvement.


Just send that demo rig (the whole HOTAS preferably) to me for “review”. That’s:

Eric Anderson
Teaneck, NJ

I am a horrible writer, a mediocre sim pilot, am in no way affiliated with Mudspike and do no currently own a Windows PC. But I will gladly unbox it on my coffee table and write helpful descriptives like “cool” and “shiny”. You won’t get it back.



Our metal gimbal does not currently work with the Warthog. However, we have thought about it. :slight_smile:



Sure thing. What are you simming on a Mac or a tablet or God forbid a console?



Well I was sacrificing honesty for art. I have a 2010 iMac running Windows 7 with bootcamp. The same machine I used back in the RoF beta test days. I’ve been trying to time the upgrade to mainstream release of VR so I wouldn’t need another upgrade in quick succession. But it’s time.

Good luck with the controls. Your timing is good I think.


Man, that’s some good looking hardware!


I ordered the Gladiator Pro. I keep checking to see when the stick extension will be available. From the second picture below the stick there is a small gear housing for the gimbals ??? which evidently comes with the GP? I will use the GP with extender for WWII flight sims and my TM COUgar (I just installed Mile’s hall sensors) for Modern jets… I am bidding on a use set of Cougars to allow me to install my Uber2Nxt gimbals in the stick I want to see the difference between the two sticks.

My main computer is having a problem. I use for my flight sims, etc. I may have to reinstall everything on the ssd drive! Not good