Take on Helicopters

So the weekly humble bundle has Take on Helicopters with the hinds DLC. Basically I can get it for $1. I would like to fly helos. Is this one worth it?

Take On Helicopters has some great gameplay value - lots of good missions, the campaign is thorough and well-written, and are there some good gameplay modes for replay value. The realism is greatly improved over the original Arma flight models. It’s still missing some key components, but for $1, I don’t think you’re going to regret it.

@weaponz248 - Yes…a thousand times yes! Personally, the Take On Helicopters campaign (or story) is really good in my opinion. Again, it is one of those things that adds some “game” to a sim and it is really well done. For $1 you can’t go wrong. The Hinds DLC part never really lived up to what it could have been - but there is some fun gameplay there too.



Bought this back then when it was silly cheap along with Hind content, tried it a couple of times but never got into it, must try it again.