TeamViewer alternative?

Looking for another free service similar to TeamViewer.
No clue what prompted their determination but I need to find an alternative to TeamViewer’s free version since they claim it is being used for business purposes and have disabled access to their service unless I upgrade. For the little I use it there is no way in Hades I am paying their off the chart pricing for their business service.

(I have been reading the TeamViewer support forums the past few days and it seems I am not the only one getting targeted. The consensus seems to be that they are trying to kill off the free version since they aren’t responding to any support issues on their free version.)

I have searched the net and I see some possibilities but what I am looking for is someone who hopefully has real world experience with one or more of the alternatives and can point out some of the pros and cons of them.


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I’ve used UltraVNC and Chrome Remote Desktop. VNC is a bit more fiddly to set up but more flexible. Chrome Remote Desktop assumes you have the Google Chrome browser installed both ends, but is easiest to set up.

UltraVNC -

Chrome Remote Desktop -


Thanks for the info fearless.
UltraVNC won’t let me view their site unless I disable my ad blocker which is an automatic no go with me for considering their service.

I had seen the Chrome option but I hadn’t fully checked it out. I know it is not logical but I hate the idea of using Google for anything since they already have too much of my information at their disposal.

One of the options I was considering was Windows built in Remote desktop program. If I were to follow the instructions in these tutorials it seems like it would be a fairly secure option, even though we are using different operating systems.

Securing Remote Desktop (RDP) for System Administrators :

How To Allow Remote Desktop connections from outside your home or office network: SEE DESCRIPTION - How To Allow Remote Desktop connections from outside your home or office network - YouTube

Windows 7 Tutorial - How To Set-Up A Remote Desktop Connection: Windows 7 Tutorial - How To Set-Up A Remote Desktop Connection - YouTube


I have an update on this situation.

I didn’t find an alternative that was going to work as well but I did get a resolution, for now.
As a last resort and fully expecting no response back from them after reading multiple complaints about their lack of response on their forums I used their "TeamViewer Commercial Use Suspected’ form and my account was reset to the free version.

Here are other pertinent links that should help you if you decide to send an account reset request.

Why do I see ‘Commercial use suspected’ / ‘Commercial use detected’:
How exactly is “personal use” defined? What is "private use"? - TeamViewer Support

After I sent the form it took 7 working days to get a response back from them regarding my request.


I have not used TeamViewer to access another machine for over 60 days and today when it updated from version 14.6.2452 to version 15.2.2756 it gave me the Commercial Use suspected error again. I am not sure what triggered it this time since like I say I haven’t accessed anything for over 60 days. I tried shutting down the machine and starting it again to see if that cleared the error but as I suspected that was a non starter.

Going to go through the dog and pony show again and see what the outcome is this time…


I’ve been using AnyDesk lately. Anyone else have any experience with it? So far so good, but would like to hear some other opinions as to if it is safe or not.

Myself and @WreckingCrew went through that.
He got denied, I got approved and then it immediately locked me out again.

We both now (at Crew’s suggestion) use Google Remote Desktop. It’s nearly as good.
Unfortunately there isn’t the cross-account sharing though.

I have used it a couple times at work on the receiving machine side, but that’s it.
It looks a lot clunkier compared to TV but worked without any issues both times.


The monthly subscription fee for a single user of Anydesk is reasonable for what you are getting which can not be said of TeamViewer. TeamViewer’s licence fees are off the charts for any type of account. I just need to see what restrictions are placed on the single user licence of Anydesk. Some of the other programs had such restrictive time limits on their use as to make them next to worthless.


Hey Wheels, isn’t AnyDesk free for personal use?

Afaik, it is.

Thought I would follow up on this - was using AnyDesk on the weekend to remote to a friend’s house as I lent him a spare laptop I had and he uses it to play WoW.

AnyDesk, with a full 3D app running turns into a CPU hog. I wasn’t trying to actively play, just tinker in menus to find why it went from mediocre to slideshow for him. Turns out a patch activated resolution scaling and it was rendering frame as 189% screen resolution (screen is 1080p). Got things back to 30-40FPS roughly.

At desktop it was hardly worth noting it’s CPU usage. I know it has to scale with visual complexity, but that seemed absurd.