Testers Needed for DCS Dynamic Campaign

I am looking for a couple of people to help test a dynamic campaign for DCS I have been working on for the past few months. Hornet and Persian Gulf map required. It would be great to have a couple of dedicated testers that can sink some time into it and get on to later missions especially. Scope of a full campaign is probably 20-30 missions (uncertain, its a dynamic campaign after all). I would like to keep this within a limited group of people for the moment.

Coop play is possible with limitations only, some inherent to DCS. You can try it if you want, but this is primary designed for single-play, which should be the emphasis for testing.

Please let me know if you are interested. I think we can probably make some sort of private topic via the messages system of the forum to handle communication.


I got the Bug and the Gulf, would be willing to give it a go.


I’m up for it :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Got bug and gulf and some spare time.


Thank you very much, I have opened a private topic with the details.

I am interested, but I know I do not have the time to dedicate to testing it so I won’t waste your time.

I will definitely grab it when you think it’s ready to go, though.

I’m in, though my time is fairly limited for the next few months.

I would be in (own PG and the bug), but as JM I have currenlty not enough time to enjoy simming. Will keep an eye on this one though.

Depending on timeframe, I’m also interested.

Well it depends on what time frame you are interested in then :slight_smile: The campaign in question is set in July 1990.

Oh! I meant in terms of when you’ll need people to help test. :slight_smile: Timeframe should be a lot of fun, but man what I wouldn’t give for more units in-game (read: ships) that could be used to match that period.

I’d like to give it a shot, though I’ll probably try to shoehorn a human wingman in for most testing. Did the last patch fix the issues with AI wingmen, or did they just make more issues?


We’ve flown a mission in MP yesterday and the AI situation seems to have improved.

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I own both the required modules and have some time I can sink into the testing. Let me know if you still need bodies. Thanks!

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Thank you for the offer guys, but I think for the moment we are good.