Testrun of scenario for GHRVPK Leopard 1A3 turret

Wip of my first Gunner scenario for Steel Beasts Pro PE 3.0
Intended for our Leopard 1A3 turret simulator.

Turret is here:


Realtime testrun of the first scenario for the GHRVPK Leopard 1A3 turret.
It is set up with Steel Beasts Pro PE 3.0.
Gunner only scenario.
Also test of setting up multiple controllers for Steel Beasts with JoyToKey.
At this time I have added functions to a set of TM Couger MFD’s, CH Flightstick Pro and a G27 shifter. My main stick is my modified TM T16000.
Next to come: more functions on the MFD’s and shifter and Logitech and CH throttle quadrants.