TFC/Eagle Dynamics New Digital Rights Management for DCS World

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So far I have only seen you stating facts.

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Could you not just use the steam version, avoiding any of these problems?

Publishers on Steam get their own choice of what DRM to use on top of the base Steamworks API (which DCS doesn’t rely on), so effectively ED would just republish there and it would have the same mechanism anyway (i.e. by username/sign in vs machine activations).

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@MonnieRock I have a small question. Where can you buy a solid (non Digital Download) version of DCS and its modules?

Hey @MonnieRock.

I think what may be confusing some of us is that there is no link to the ED Forums discussion (for anyone wondering, the discussion is available here) for your original or subsequent posts. If you are trying to get the information out there … well, thank you. If you are trying to draw people into the discussion in a place where you hope to change minds … well this isn’t that and you didn’t include a link to where people could take part. Anyone who wants to be heard on the issue should head over to the ED Forums and lend their voice in a constructive, collaborative manner.

The post itself comes across as some sort of legal/marketing/propaganda post that is intended of an audience that I don’t think exists here. We do not have the ear of ED; we are not in the ED communication channel stream.

I am not against discussion of DRM, though I am woe to see an argument start about it. I hope that ED chooses a road that provides them with the IP security that they require while balancing that against the needs/capabilities of their user base. They appear to be listening.


German Boxed Flaming Cliffs 3

German Boxed A-10C

Just a quick search

Those are outdated builds and buying them require a healthy and (possibly) fast internet connection for the mandatory update not to mention Star Force check activation.

How would anyone without such a connection be able to play those modules?

Plus where is the Solid (non Digital Download) version od DCS World to use it with?


As someone who was a victim of StarForce’s DRM (lost some optical drives due to Flaming Cliffs DRM), to me the new scheme, while imperfect, is leaps and bounds ahead of the previous system. Yes, yes, I know it’s not the “same” StarForce, but I’m not throwing away another optical drive to find out.

So if they have a new system that won’t wreck my hardware, that’s a plus in my book.


With all due respect Sir,
The topic is about how the new DRM effects Single Player Offline modes after activation and everything installed on the machine for users that do not have connectivity for longer than 3 days.

Thank you,

Try to follow my point, please. With all due respect.
Our opinion and train of thoughts deserve the same space and consideration.

Most of the activity leading to installing correctly and acquiring DCS modules is made online.

Trying to claim that the soon to be implemented DRM spells ruin for people without Internet connection sounds disingenuous to me.

Plus it was already communicated that the “three day” part is under consideration for extension.


Ok, here is an example for you Komemute.

Mrs Brown: Honey ready to go to the lake house. I can not wait to spend two weeks there.

Mr. Brown. One sec, downloading the lastest patch and the new Harrier, activating it on my laptop, can not wait. Wooo Hoo

Mrs. Brown. You and those darn silly airplane games.

:::: At the lake house, weather has been beautiful, swimming skiing for 4 days, then bad weather sets in::::

Mr. Brown. Honey, anything you need me to do, if not I am going to fly some and learn the new Harrier

Mrs. Brown. No dear, have a good time.

::::: Mr Brown fires up his laptop. Starts DCSW :::::

Mr Brown What is this. Need internet? We do not have internet here and I paid $69.99 USD for this?

Is this what all your Original Post is about? Two weeks at the lake house?

Surely no one dies without internet for two weeks, and when all the Happy Brown family comes back to their main house he will be able to enjoy all the Harrier he needs.

Surely On his laptop he can download the manual and learn all the complex system, no?

Beside that, even in old Italy a poor guy like me can afford enough data on his smartphone to allow for the DRM verification on his DCS installation.

It happened. I was for over a year without internet and still managed to play via Steam on my mobile tethered data-plan (1GB per month)


I am going to summarize a few points and then reopen this. This is turning in to a argument about a difference of opinions. No one is wrong, but there is also no right answer.

Opinion: An internet connection to acquire DCS World so DRM over the internet is not out of the realm of feasibility;
Opinion: There are use cases where an internet connection is not possible, which would restrict people from using a product that they purchased;

Fact: ED needs to protect their IP so DRM is required. How it is implemented is up to ED and we can be happy or unhappy about it. We can find holes or use-cases in which the DRM is too restrictive. Fact is: ED needs to protect their IP.

Good thing: ED is listening. We can provide feedback. It has already been noted that feedback has been gathered and ED is evaluating the potential options. Oficially noted over on the ED Forums. Heck, they merged the discussions in their forums and kept the data intact.

Bad thing: We are degrading into arguing about our opinions when both are valid; just two sides of the story. We don’t need to do that, especially if one party is not going to change their mind and is getting entrenched. I will leave it to your imaginations as to which is which but I remind you that all voices are important, we just do not need to degrade the conversation or tone into hostility.

Granted, I am Canadian so I am sensitive to being polite all the time. Please excuse me if I am reading too much into the passions that I see. :slight_smile:


Yeah. I’d like more than 3 days between internet check-ups to activate. That’s about all I have to say about it. Hopefully they will look at it…and by all accounts they are.