TFC/Eagle Dynamics New Digital Rights Management for DCS World

My 2 cents worth, I like the new system. 3 days does seem a little short for recertification/reauthorization, but from my understanding, the new system will allow as many reinstalls as you could ever want (ie no limit). It also will at some point allow us to sell/gift our under used modules as before.

So lets not shoot this down as step backwards. I see it as a step in the right direction. It might need a few tweaks here and there but overall, from where I’m sitting (I fly single player only with a rural, less than great internet connection), I like where they are going with this.


How? The modules are going to be bound to your profile, am I missing something?

@damson pls see the other thread @Andrew116 linked above. There is some discussion about it already.

@Fridge would it be good idea to merge these two threads?

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I will take a look when i get in front of a computer. Don’t want to attempt this on my phone :slight_smile:

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I think it might be too confusing to merge the threads as I think that they serve two different purposes. For anyone wanting to discuss the original post here, I suggest staying in this thread. For anyone looking for other information, head over to the Copy Protection Change thread: IMPORTANT: AV-8B COPY PROTECTION CHANGE! - ED Forums - #29 by NineLine

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I’ve been thinking a bit about this and literally the only negative is the 3 day limit. Everything else is a big improvement. You already needed a net connection for the install and activation.

I suppose the old way perhaps after that you could take the laptop on a tour of the Sahara for 6 months and never connect to the net again and it would still work? Again, if that is so, it’s a limited use case.


New info on this:

Dear all,

After a lot of deliberation and technical investigation, we will PROBABLY offering an Offline mode, similar to Steam.

Once we have more details on this, we will be sure to relay them to you.



If the status is “probably”, i have to wonder if announcing it is really a smart move. The intention to concede to people needing to stay offline for longer periods is commendable, though.

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Well, why not?

Yes, a lot of users will go bonkers if the developer changes their mind or can’t keep a deadline.

I much prefer that they share their thoughts and involve us users in their reasoning, even if they have to go back on their word.

I think ED staff are big boys and girls and kan keep their heads even if some users cry foul on a forum.

This is a great example.
At first they said they would abandon Starforce for another copyprotection. Most users should be happy to hear this. They also said they are considering a system that needs internet connection every 3 days, which met with some resistance, but also that they would evaluate it.
They evidently have evaluated this decision further, and are now declaring a change in their stance.

I think it’s great that they care to involve their users in the process, even if some users can’t handle it.


I agree. I’m happy to be seeing the reasoning process as it evolves. It is a different direction in communication they’ve gone in that is more transparent and is helpful I think in understanding that decisions are made over time, not just one and done. At the very least, the communication that they are PROBABLY going to be offering an offline mode is a clear indication that they’ve heard the community and are working toward a solution or modification.


Just wait until someone starts complaining that they can’t update their modules while in off-line…


I have to say that there seems to be a definite shift in stance from ED regarding open communication with the customer base just recently.


Yes, but you are sane. :wink:


I have bee called many things, but this… :smile:

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The idea is to show its actively being investigated, through the holiday season things are less active as some might like. It is “probably” as they dont have it in testing working yet, it’s on the drawing board right now.