Thanks for nothing Nintendo

Limited Edition Collectors Item.

And it was Hindering Digital Sales of NES Games on the “Marketplace”.

Meanwhile Walgreens still has a crapton of Mini Sega’s and Mini Atari’s.

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When NES collecting is pretty cheap, and I grew up as an Atari and Sega kid, I’m not too chuffed!

except of course since no one could get their hands on there mini one the price of a lot of the original stuff also skyrocketed :smiley:

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Not exactly surprising. I mean it’s Nintendo, a company incapable of running a viable business model with internet connected devices. To them it’s like the whole concept of a digital distribution system simply doesn’t exist.

Yeah, the Cartridges at Game Trading Stores when thru the Roof, during Xmas, Mario 3 went from 5.99 to 45.99

Nintendo Switch virtual console app (that supports larger NES shop library) release in 3, 2, 1…

Nah you still have to buy the damn games for every platform because screw you consumer!

Jiminey Crickets, to hell with that. It’s friggin Mario 3. Everyone over the age of 27 has played it.

Well, crap. My wife will be pissed.

How about a SNES mini instead?

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But it’ll only be on sale for a week!

The S in SNES stands for ‘seven’, to indicate the production run size.


not a chance after this fiasco :stuck_out_tongue:

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N64 Mini :wink:

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Frankly, if they could produce more of the Hori Minipads, that’d be even better.

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Aaah, RLM alcoholic gif’s! What a time to be alive!

Took the kids with me on a field trip in the pouring rain this morning to try my luck one last time at best buy, apparently they sold tickets to buy them at some point in time… everything about this silly thing has been, well rather silly :stuck_out_tongue: