The Battle of Rachel - 176 units

This is barely an AAR as what I wanted to do is break the DCS 2 Alpha, as in do a bit of load testing with the new map.

The caveat for this is this is in no way benchmarking the sim (it’s an Alpha, i.e. not yet, not fair) but I wanted to see how much I could cram on the screen with the new EDGE render and a quick chaotic desert battle. So it’s just a quick and unscientific performance test of how many units (in this case mainly ground units) could my i5 4.5GHz, 16GB, 290 4GB handle.

Order of Battle
USA Blue:
67 Ground Units (4 x 4 tank platoons with support)
16 Hueys

RU Red:
76 Ground Units (4 x 4 tank platoons with support)
16 Hips

175 playing units + me!

The plan was for me to sit in a Hummer in the middle and just run like hell.

The set-up (I’ve left the in-game frame rate counter up top left, but at no time was the game unplayable).

A close up of Blue Team, so you get a better idea of the number of units:

What’s that on the horizon - hello?!

They look friendly…

…and numerous.

Cool - air support.

Hmm, a bar fight has broken out - those 16 Hueys were antsy at so much Red armor.

I’m sure I’m safe here, right?

That is a lot of tracer though.

Time to run!

Good luck guys!

So many units…

A lot going on…

I get a bit too close to the front line - I think my career as war reporter isn’t working out so well

Desert camouflage is sounding like a better idea right now…

I didn’t make it. Time to add more units though!